18 August 2010

Diving Mask Optical Lenses

For sometime (sadly) I have been meaning to get optical lenses in my diving mask. I have twice tried the plastic lenses that you can buy (for about £20+ a pair) and 'stick' on the inside of your mask. These worked very well as lenses but I found them TOTALLY useless in a dive mask, as they always fell out!

I've lost count how many times I have asked about a better solution and for one reason or another never got round to sorting it out. So when the other day I mentioned it again in passing to Graeme at Ocean View I was delighted that he had a new mask in the shop.

So I've bought a Sherwood Mag Four dive mask .... for less than £40 that already has optical lenses fitted. It looks fine and I am eager to try it out. I have been using Scubapro Frameless masks for many years now ...so it's a bit of a change but a new Framless mask is about £80 and putting optical lenses into a fair bit more on top!

The Sherwood mask has as its name suggests four planes to the tempered glass , two with optical lenses.

To check the Sherwood Mag Four Mask click HERE!

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