14 August 2010

Wreck Dive ~ Oceana , BBQ & Airbourne 12th Augustt

Another great day out on 'Channel Diver' with skipper Steve Johnson. Mind you an early start, loading the boat at Sovereign Harbour at 6.30am (ouch!) . Calm seas with the promise of sunshine (er, false promise). We made good speed out to the Ocean and were kitted and ready to dive as soon as the shot line was down. Not the greatest of vis (what's new!) but a good long bimble about the wreck as it was a 8m tide on low. As we surfaced the skies were bright and the promise still looked good. After the surface interval we relocated for the hardy few to do a drift dive. In they went for a short while before buoys-up and back onboard! We then motored off to a point a few hundred metres off of the Eastbourne West Lawns beach to watch Airbourne 2010.

Off the beach the weather turned for the worse and it was largely overcast and breezy, Skipper Steve struggled with deck BBQ (every bit of heat was being blown away), but managed to find some lee and we got stuck-in whilst watching the aircraft antics. Amazing stuff , as ever, very impressive. Impressive too was Tad's long distance relationship with a blonde wing walker on top. Oh, on top of a Breitling bi-plane that is.

After the airshow we whizzed back to Sovereign Harbour , straight through the locks and unloaded before a rather pleasant pizza party at Sheila & Ernie's . Nice one you too , very enjoyable, even if I did spend much of my time in mortal unarmed combat with your Pattendale Terrier . Realising I was beaten I surrendered before I was finished-off by 'Take no prisoners Poppy'.

All-in-all a grand day out Grommet!

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