09 August 2010

Fortuna Dive From Buccaneer 8th August

Early on Sunday I found myself aboard Buccaneer for a trip out to the Fortuna with the weather looking ok and the wind dropping there were only 4 of us diving so loads of space.

With me being the only MD on board, I teamed up with local diver Graham (who hadnt dived the Fortuna before) for the dive, and having dived the wreck a few weeks ago planned the route we would take once on the bottom.

On arriving at the site the vis looked a bit disapointing but a dive is a dive so we were soon in the water and heading down. When we reached bottom the vis was around 3-4m and quite dark but still acceptable.

The first thing that struck me were the amount of fish! the wreck was wall to wall with shoals of bib pollack and codling at times the shoals were so thick that they were blocking out what natural light there was.

We worked our way around the bow to the remains of the toilet and then cut across midships to the holds and the cement cargo where we were greeted by 2 Lobzillas standing their ground with their fist size claws. We then headed across the winches towards the stern but cut back across to the starboard side exploring the large holes in the hull.

We had agreed to do a small amount of deco but now it was soon time to head back up and decided to come back to shot to make our ascent.

Once on the surface, crewman Dave thrust his now famous Buccaneer coffee into our hands whilst skipper Chris made safe one of the lobzillas who hadnt escaped his clutches along with a crabzilla, someones eating well tonight.

On the way back to Shoreham we became aware of a diver rescue situation just off Brighton Marina with the coastguard helicopter winching the casualty. We hope there was a good outcome to this.

Another great trip out on Buccaneer thanks to Graham for diving with me and thanks to Skipper Chris Dave, Roger and John for another good humoured,comfortable and successful trip out, see you soon.


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