26 September 2010

Indiana Wreck Dive ~ 25th September (from Buccaneer)

Come out to play Mr C

Sponge thing

Ernie doing a Diver thing

I hadn't planned to dive this weekend but a phone call to Chris West of Buccaneer late friday changed that. Chris hadn't planned to go out but with John B wanting to try out a wet suit with his rebreather for a forthcoming Red Sea trip Chris offered to go out to do a shallow wreck as the vis was better close in. So Ernie, John and I headed out to the wreck of the Indiana in bright sunshine with Chris and Dave crewing.
I had dived the Indy in April and had around 10m vis but wasnt expecting the same.

30 minutes later we had dropped the shot and were soon kitted up and over the side.Well there wasn't 10m vis but a good 6m so was well pleased with that. At 11m depth and a bit of an overkill on a equipment 2 sets of twins and a rebreather we could have stayed down for hours.

The first thing that struck me was the amount of life compared with earlier in the year,the wreck was an aquarium. We set off exploring the flattened wrecks nooks and crannies. With Ernie teasing congers and me trying to film the time flew. After 50 minutes we had seen most of the wreck and decided to head back up also as it was a very big tide the current was starting to rip through. Topside Dave had made soup and with all the usual Buccaneer banter we headed back to port.

Thanks to Chris, Dave and John for the trip out another great little dive. Video to follow shortly.


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Chris-P said...

Looking forward to the video! Looks good viz!