14 June 2010

Clodmore Dive 12th June from Buccaneer

Trez and Tad the MD contigent joined Ocean View divers for a merry jaunt out the wrecks of the Clodmore and Inverclyde aboard the good ship Buccaneer. The sun was shining and the sea was flat the sea gods were smiling.

An hour out saw Captain Chris dropping the shot and soon we were all walking the plank for a jaunt down to Davy Jones Locker and his bedfellow the wreck of the Clodmore. Trez and me teamed up with OV dive chick Hels and descended the 27m to the bottom where we met with the usual suspects Barry Bib and Jackson Pollack. The vis was a grainy 3-4m but with plenty of light conditions were acceptable for a quick mooch along the upturned part of the hull before returning to a higher part of the wreck to release the blob and assend for a jug of the hot grogg.

We soon relocated to the site of the inverclyde and as the tide was running and we were on springs we did not expect anything special.Hels soon got fed up of playing flags on the line and indicated she was going to surface (good move Hels)whilst Trez and me drop down into the wreck to release the shot for Chris and send it up on the bag.A quick scout around we had soon had enough of fighting the current and popped back up where the rest of the team had eaten all the pies.

Another great day out with the ever jovial crew of Skipper Chris and Roger The Cabin boy and the Ocean view guys.

Reports from my TWSAC contacts indicate that there was 10m vis on the The wreck of the Mohlen Pries in 38m a bit further out on Sunday so get ready boys and girls the Plankton has gone and the vis is picking up.


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