13 June 2010

Bowling & Laser Quest ~ 8th June

MDers warmed-up for the MD Bowling Championship with a Laser Quest session, that got us all running round like kids playing cowboys & indians , well it WAS a birthday party too! And, there was a cake for birthday girl Tracey, we started to put candles on the cake and after a while realised the cake wasn't big enough!! But she's just youngster in MD! We were joined on the 'Green Team' by two lads , no doubt whose energy brought triumph for the Team ... well done all!

Then came the serious business of hand to hand combat on the lanes! Well, hand to ball, in any case. Some 'Turkey's' were evident , that's three consecutive strikes, but Tracey had an unfair advantage ... she said she could see twenty pins at the end of each lane , but wasn't sure which ten she should aim for! That's one of the downsides of Performance Un-enhancing drugs , well red wine in any case!

It was a really good laugh and helped us all keep our dive fitness up to scratch ... well sort of!


sheilab said...

Good company, good games, good night out.

Linda T said...

Looks like it was fun - sorry we couldn't join you :(