27 June 2010

Gold Class Service

As mentioned in a previous post this weekend saw me embarking on the dive section of a TDI course. This endeavour was not without its problems. On opening the tanks on my twin sets my primary regulator (just been serviced) was free flowing like Niagra Falls. My intial thought was damn, damn and double damn as I struggled to stop the flow by judiciously thumping the second stage. This proved futile so I was about to give up and thinking I would be spending the day topping up my tan on Seazones dive boat, but oh no, up jumps Ian Hanness (TDI Instructor) who pulls out of his dive box a full dive technicians tool kit. He then proceeded to strip down my first and second stages and declared the interstage pressure was off the scale. With lots of fiddling he managed to stop the flow, so I was able to continue with my dives.

On return to Port at 16.30 I phoned Ocean View to find out what time they closed. The answer was 17:00, but to my deepest gratitute Graham said no problem get here when you can and I will wait for you. Once I got my regultor and tanks to him at 17:30, the tanks were then Nitrox filled and whilst this was being done Graham stripped down my regulator with his engineer on the other end of the phone giving him step by step instructions and as suspected he found the problem was a grooved high pressure seat. This was replaced and the regulator was set up again and is now working perfectly.

I would like to say what wonderful service this was from Ian and Graham which saved my weekends diving/training.

Thanks Guys.



Chris-P said...

For a moment there I thought you were going relate a whole series of TDI drills! Phew close one! Glad that all swell that end swell!

sheilab said...

Can do if you want. You might learn something. !!!!

LOL Ernie