29 June 2010

Wreck Dive: Kerrygo from Buccaneer ~ Sunday 4th July

It looks like we are going to dive a wreck called the Kerrygo around 14 miles outsits in around 36m to the bottom havent dived this before skipper Chris reckons this is a really nice dive and wants to make sure we have a great dive hence this wreck.There is also the option for a second dive please let me know if you want to do this or just the 1 dive. With neap tides and flat seas now for nearly 2 weeks fingers crossed for a good one

8.30 ropes off

Divers so far
Chris P
Tony Skipps
Nikki H


Linda T said...

Hi Tad, please could you put me down for one dive as I have a flight at 12.00 next day. No probs if others want a second dive as far as I'm concerned. Very much looking forward to this, I'll be diving with 28% Nitrox in my 15 litre cylinder, plus an ickle pony of air. Cheers, Simon

Chris-P said...


Phill P has emailed me ...and I have copied it to you , he wants to dive and thought he was on the list.

Tad said...

not a problem will add Phil