04 October 2010

Goodies up for Grabs

As mentioned at the last meeting, it is with regret that I am having to hang up my fins. Before I open up my goodies to the general public I thought I would let MD ers see if they wanted to get their Mitts on any of it first.
I haven't priced anything as such as yet as all is negotiable but I do have some ideas - if interested please add a comment or better still give me a call (as daughter generally commendeers the lap top & internet access therefore restricted!)

  • Hunters Gates Trilaminate Drysuit (includes bag & hose) boot size small (approx 5) new neck seal, serviced, less than 30 dives
  • 12l dumpy tank with boot & handle (needs test)
  • Scubapro 1st stage with brand new DIN fitting, 2nd stage Scubapro R390, Oceanic Octupus, plus BCD knife - serviced last June & not used since (pains me to sell but pointless keeping )
  • Brand new Everflex gloves - never worn size XS
  • Almost new Wet Suit Boots XXXS (4/5) - worn once, 6.5mm, great on beach as really thick sole
  • C4 torch (not rechargable) twin bulb.

I also have a few little bits & pieces which I will bring along on Wednesday.

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