16 February 2008

Diving in North Cyprus

Cengiz has emailed some details (as below) of diving in North Cyrpus which may appeal as a 'new' venue for a trip.

"My friend has several bungalows, situated Alagadi beach, 3 people per bungalow. The cost of one bungalow for 1 week is £150, ( £50 per person) To hire a car works out at £20 per day Average cost of eating out is £5 - £10. (Beer is £1 - £2. Bottle of water is £1 - £2) Dives, will be £10 - £15 per dive .To include tanks and weights.

I would recommend you search for flights on internet. You can fly into the north (Ercan) with Cyprus Turkish Airways. Then it is just a short transfer . You can also fly to the south (Larnaca) with various big operators. But then it is a longer transfer. Hope this has been helpful, if you require further info, please contact me. Cengiz "

All very good value and no doubt an excellent host and local guide! Please add a comment / email me if you are interested.


Tad said...

looks pretty good to me and fairly cheap

Chris-P said...

And I'm sure Cengiz and his Team would to see you!