21 March 2010

Puddy Muddle Done!

Well, Team MD conquered another Kent Muddy Puddle and now Holborough Lake has fallen to our superior allied forces (the 1st Bn OV Reservists added numbers to fray)! Poor puddle didn't stand a chance really, just like shooting another water rat in a barrel! There we were equipped to take-on the raging oceans at depth and in front of us stood a trembling pool of fresh water, still wet behind the ears and only recently let go of it's mothers apron strings. OK divers, let's not leaving it in suffering for too long, let's get in there and finish it off quickly! But the little blighter surprised us all and came back for more, taking a second shot before the finish was in sight.

The water tried to resist at 7Deg C and the viz ranged from 5m metres to slightly worse than none at all! After some searching, weapons of mass diving discovered, three boats (small, medium and medium-large) and a couple of diving platforms, at 7m & 8m. Max depth was just over 10m.

The hosts were Nemes Scuba Academy, and Martin (da boss) and his staff were all very helpful and welcoming, they positively rushed to get hot drinks to you as soon as you surfaced & exited. The centre has a small office with male & female toilets, hot showers were also available . There was a clean air compressor (£4 any size cylinder). There were about twenty cars there , all parked on new tarmac. Huge cable drums made perfect kitting-up tables.

It was a good opportunity to pre-test the kit before going back into the sea, and with an entrance of £7.50 including all the tea & coffee you could want, it was a very fair rate. Good staff made it all the better, but the nature of muddy puddles is that they can soon become silt clouds ...and that soon happened! There is a small but user friendly slip way and a small jetty. A good place for cheaply checking kit configurations. Oh, and there is a Wimpy 'Restaurant' about 500m away , but may be best not to comment on that too much!

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Tad said...

Thanks top Trez and Chris for making the Journey and good to meet the OV guys there