15 March 2010

Muddy Puddle Dive ~ Sunday 21st March

I am joining a group from Ocean View to Dive a new Muddy Puddle in Kent this coming Sunday if anybody is interested to shake off the winter cobwebs and check out kit before the forthcoming boat dives.
The site is at Snodland near Rochester (details to follow) apparently it was in last months Sport Diver.
The lake has a max depth of 11m plus attractions at a cost of £7.50 includes a cup of tea plus airfills are available on site.

website is http://www.nda-scuba.com/

Post a comment if you are interested


Chris-P said...

Tad , might have to join you , some of them are big lads to drag out by yourself :-)

Chris-P said...

Definate maybe!

Chris-P said...

OK, Trez & I are coming, sunny skies and clear water ...please!