17 March 2010

Robbo's Down Under Diving

Sorry guys,
I should of mentioned that the wreck of the Canberra is in the Victorian graveyard which is south the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse outside of the "heads" which is the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. I was in my drysuit as the water temp was chilly although the air temp was 20C . The dive boat operated by Dive Victoria had about 12 divers on board and 2 crew. The conditions were good but the sea a bit bumpy. We set off from Queenscliff and passed through the Rip which is one of the most challenging areas for ships to pass in. The passage through the rip was not unlike a bad day off Newhaven when you would certainly not see any boats venturing out into the surf, however the area of most concern is only a mile or so wide and can be traversed fairly quickly. Whilst passing through the rip as we were going out a huge bulk carrier was coming in "awesome size vessel" the pilot was dwarfed by the size of the ship. The actual width of the channel is only about one and a half kms and its an S shape so all commercial ships must take on a pilot both entering and exiting Port Phillip bay. I hope that gives all a bit of back ground to the dive area.
Cheers Robbo

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Chris-P said...

Nice one Robbo! Gald all the training (on blogs) paid-off!!!!