18 March 2010

Dry Suit Up For Grabs!

Hi all,

Due to continuing ill health & financial restrictions I am reluctantly reducing my kit down. I am looking to sell my drysuit - it is a Female, Medium Gates CBX450 with Size 5 feet. It would suit someone (either male or female even tho described as a 'female suit) around 5'3-5'7 (I am 5'4) . Build wise, it has seen my dress size go from a 14 to 16 back down to 12 so there is lots of scope for sizing. It has been serviced & had a new neck seal. The zip & valves were all checked & found to be in excellent working order. The suit has not been used since it's service.

I still hope to one day get back in the water but it's not going to be any time soon, I cannot afford to 'give it away' and so am looking at around £350 as it is in such excellent order & recently serviced (cost me £85) . If you or anyone you know is interested, email , add a comment or contact me & I will get back to you asap - however bear with me as between 2 jobs, dogs, child & housework my 'free' time is practically non existent!

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