12 March 2010

Tenerife Scuba ~ March 2010

Just back from Tenerife and some very enjoyable diving, courtesy of Chris & Sarah of Tenerife Scuba . I enjoyed diving with Chris & Sarah five years ago and my return visit, sadly confined to just four dives, if anything demonstrated there was more interesting marine life than I expected.

Chris & Sarah are the most welcoming of hosts and good company through-out the day. They operate a RIB from the harbour of Las Galletas (East of Los Christianos). Much money has been invested in the harbour in the last five years and the benefits show! It's rather nice to enjoy lunch on one of the harbour arm restaurants during the surface interval.

Air temperatures were bewteen 21 and 23 Deg C and the water was between 20 and 21 Deg C. I was quite comfy in a full 5mm wet suit & hood. Underwater visibility was very good and one 35m+ dive we could easily see the surface.

Tenerife being a volcanic island has plenty of underwater rock but there was a good variety of marine life, huge sting ray, many morays, bait balls of fish , shoaling fish, barracuda, roncodores, long-legged spiney crabs, colourful shrimps, octopus, cuttle-fish. And there are some small wrecks and swim throughs. Many of the dives sites are a short run from the Harbour and one , Montana Amarilla is a MAMP (Protected Micro Marine Area). I really enjoyed it, may be one for Meridian Divers to visit in 2011?


Tad said...

Nice pics and write up got to admit quite enjoyed my dives there too could be a good cheap alternative for a group trip sometime

sheilab said...

As always lovely pics Chris. Definite possibility, maybe for next year. Job for you !

Tad said...

That photo of you on the wreck looks like your occy is really being pulled by your wing

Chris-P said...

'Tis true Tad, it's the kinda hardship us tough wreck divers have to just learn to endure. Not for the faint-hearted having your occy pulled by a wing. If the DIR lot get me things can only get worse. Makes you stop and think for a while don't it! Mind you looking at them DIRs I guess it's a long time since anything but themselves pulled their occy's.