26 January 2009

Farne Islands Revisited!

Well it was quite a long time ago that I took this little fella's image , so I thought it was high time that I checked out how the grey seal population of the Farne Islands were getting along. In 2005 the fin nibblers spent their time sneaking-up on us and tasting our fins, this shot, shows one with that "Not me , Mister!" look on its face as he was snapped before making a crafty approach!

So come the merry month of May, Simon & I will be trekking Northwards, close to the old stomping grounds of Geordie-Boy Robbo to see what we can find. The trip has been organised by Sussex Scuba and I think we have snaffled the last two places ....but they might put on extra places if the demand is there! Details on their Web Site.


Tracey said...

Shame some of us have to work for a living!!

Chris-P said...

Tracey, I'm sorry I'll have to reprimand you regarding your language , we try to avoid the 'W' word on this blog! :-)