12 January 2009

Wassup Robbo? Diving New South Wales

Our ol'diving chum Robbo has been getting his fins wet in New South Wales, Australia and has sent me a few pictures. It's just so frustrating to think of his warm waters while we freeze our bits off in the UK!
I would dearly love to visit to NSW , oh well one day , still a bit of a dream, I've heard so much about Australia that I'll pay my ten quid and they can call me a Pommy if the want to! Oh, that deals finished now is it?

Still I like Robbo 'cos he's been very free with his compliments about this Blog. It's somehow very touching to know that it's being followed on the other side of the world. Hands Across the Water and all that! I wonder if we have any other Australian readers, who can say? I am sure we will do!

Robbo says "This is yours truly about to take a dip at Tathra Wharf Southern NSW. Take note, I only have the bottom half of my 5mm suit on and a T shirt (I was over dressed for the conditions). The dive progressed well there were numerous reefie fish around and plenty of stevie’s (sting-rays named after that clot Irwin who managed to get killed by one). I was the only pukka diver under the wharf (naughty) but there were plenty of snorkelers around including her indoors keeping a weather eye on me. The exit out of the water was a climb up a ladder on the side of the wharf itself, very exhausting in 30C but worth it. I also dived at Merimbula further down the coast and near the end of the dive had a wicked cramp in my thigh ( horror pictures flew through my head), no probs though, other than the full 5mm suit I was wearing which was a pig to get on and just as hard to get off in the conditions. I think the moral of the stories is I need to get my dive fitness back up to scratch! Great Blog I read it lots!"

Robbo is not (as we remember) not too sentimental , so no offence intended Mr Irwin! I think you may have struck a chord with one or two of us post-Christmas Mr Blobbies regards the fitness Robbo!
Click HERE to take a look , via Google Maps at where Robbo has been taking the plunge! (Photo Credit re Shot No.1 by Frank Holden)


Tad said...

Good to hear from you Robbo and if you would like to join Robbo in the land of OZZ the daily Mail today gave details of the "Best Job in The world" working as a caretaker on Hamilton Island in Queensland The job includes watching whales Scuba Diving and keeping a blog checkout www.islandreefjob.com plus you get paid 70K for the 6 month post. My application is in.

Anna said...

Ha, I am there first, hmmm are we going to have to come to ome kind of job share malarchy! I bagsy the afternoon shift!

sheilab said...

Nice to hear from Robbo. We do have another reader in Aussie. Ernie's brother lives in Perth and reads both blogs.