26 April 2007

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ 25th April 2007

The meeting was addressed by guest speaker Jim Skinner regarding his proposals for improvements to the shoreline at Seaford. Jim is raising a petition to the Environmental Agency that seeks to have them reconsider the long term plans for that part of the coast. Jim's vision was exciting and we wish him success in his endeavours.

Other business discussed was:-
- The Adopt a Wreck Scheme
- NAS training
- Update on the T R Thompson project
- Update on Swanage & Gozo diving trips, green light for both , but a couple of places left.
- Congrats to the Marathon runners Nick & Alex (Simon mentioned his 1999 medal!)
- Feedback on the dive trip trip Brussels (NEMO 33)
- Chartering FIZZING
- Feedback on the Advanced Buoyancy Course
- HSE Medicals
- Training/Courses
- Future dive & social events
Full details of the meeting will be circulated as soon as practical.

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