29 April 2007

T R Thompson Dive ~ Sun 29th April

The continuing glorious weather during April saw four Meridian Divers back on the wreck of the project wreck , the T R Thompson. Whilst perhaps a little optimistic given the amount of plankton an underwater video record of the dive was made as part of our efforts in the Adopt A Wreck Scheme.

For more information on this dive see the sister blog:



Ian @ NAS said...

Hi Folks -

Nice to see one of the AAW sites is being worked early in the season. Keep it up - and keep me posted! I'm looking for contributuions for the next AAW Newsletter - and in any case I will feature your blog spot as another excellent way of distributing information.


Chris-P said...

Welcome & thanks Ian, we are slowly building up our dive knowledge of this wreck. There is a lot of info on the 'sister' blog but we have yet to properly marshall all the information.