21 April 2007

Superb diving ~ Saturday 21st April ~ TR Thompson

Had to get straight to the blog after a super dive on the T R Thompson today (aboard Channel Diver with Steve Johnson) . Horribly early start , ropes off at Brighton at 7am but well worth it. Calm sea, beautifully sunny day , full boat of 12 divers, my buddy was Jim-B.

The TRT dive saw us enter at 8.50am and dive to a max of 28metres for 44minutes. The water had plenty of plankton and on the wreck it was pretty dark but viz was 3 to 4 meters (getting better!) . Jim & I made straight for the bow as neither had been there before. We saw both anchors (square profile anchors) and a third admiralty pattern anchor on the wreck. The Admiralty pattern anchor (curved style) had a broken 'spade' on the left side, (very distinctive).

We then made our way amidships to see two boilers and the triple expansion engine after looking at a massive twin winch and a set of steps lying horizontal. If it had been a little lighter this would have been an amazing dive.

We performed a deep stop at 15m then the safety stop at 5m . After surfacing we stood on the deck of the dive boat and watched the rebreather divers finish their time on their DSMBs. As we did so the last two in the water were circled for 15minutes by a dolphin. A smallish one of 3 to 4 feet in length. When the last two made it back on board they reported the dolphin was coming within arms reach of them . Fantastic! My first sighting of a dolphin off the East Sussex coast and curiously , on the same wreck where dolhins were spotted two years ago! Oh and should you want evidence.....Jim videoed the dolphin from the surface as it followed us away enroute for our second dive , a drift off the Hove coatst. The second dive at around 12m also extended for 40 minutes and whilst pleasant was less 'newsworthy'! All in all a great day out!


Chris-P said...

Welcome to:-

1) Stephen,
2) The Mad Welshman!

Lets get wet!

sheilab said...

Are you and Jim going for the 'number of dives' record. Only jealous !

Diving Diva said...

Ohhh typical when ever I dont dive they come out to play..the dolphins Im talking about not Chris & Jim!!! heehe

Well while you were out with them I was on the BDMLR Course trying to learn how to help and save then, great course and lovely weather.
Jim can you email me over a copy of the video or stills from it as with new aquired training would like to see if can work out what species it might have been, also it may have been "Dave" the solitary mammal that is in our waters around the south coast at the moment....go to WWW.BDMLR.CO.UK for more info...XX

Chris-P said...

DD you'd have loved the little critter! Porpoise or dolphin it was a delight! If you are doing BDMLR courses and want to post them here please feel free, others may be interested!

Chris-P said...

Hi Shiela, yep we're clocking them up now....tucked another in today! Come on in ...the waters lovely!

Diving Diva said...

Hello guys

Sorry would have told you about course but as you know BDMLR get very busy and booked very quick I booked this about 6 months ago and it was full in a matter of days there were a large group this time by all accounts 40 or so took part...xx