02 April 2007

City of Brisbane & Brighton Pier 2nd April

10 divers aboard 'Brighton Diver' basked in the sunshine all the way from Brighton Marina to the City of Brisbane wreck site, it was bright day with moderate swell. But brightness soon disappeared beneath the waves and at 9m down it was torches on! At 24m down it was pitch black and a bit of a re-run of the the last channel wreck dive. In orther words short but not so sweet! Still you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a Prince! The second dive at 8m on the Brighton (Palace) Pier was more of a success. Being above the 'torch' needed level it was light enough to mooch around. I found a large quantity of fishing weights, many concreted into the seabed, I put a load into my goody bag and gave them to a University student on the dive when we got back to the boat! He was going to melt them down for dive weights. Thirty one weights bagged! Not bad ! Roll on the decent viz!

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Jimbob said...

You'd better be careful, if you get used to seeing nothing you could become confused and disorientated in reasonable viz. I'm making myself an emergency mask with frosted glass just in case.