10 January 2010

Diving Malta with Deep Blue?

Sheila has been doing some homework regarding a diving trip to Malta, just speculative at this stage with a range of options based on the week 3rd to 10th May 2010. There is quite a lot of information so I'll circulate the email for comments. It might be an idea to hire a BIG villa and all stay at the same place (though we don't have quotes for that just yet!) . Let me know if you want a copy of the information. Email / Comment as per usual.


Simon-T said...

Sorry to be a pain guys, but per my earlier post I can't make first week in May. I can do the second or third. Linda and I would love to join in were this possible. All the best, Simon.

Simon-T said...

Me again. OK, if it is either the second or third week in May, we're in, please. Don't want to sound too precious so happy to stay in accomodation that is acceptable to the majority. Would want an en-suite though. Hope this helps.