18 January 2010

Per Ardua ad Astra .... and now the Seas!

Per Ardua ad Astra , is the motto of the Royal Air Force and means "Through Struggles to the Stars" but for members of the Air Training Corp Squadrons at Steyning & Storrington it might read "No Struggles to the Seas" as both Squadrons are planning to undertake the PADI Open Water Course. Iain S, an ex-military trained diver and now a work colleague of mine is putting the plan together which is hoped will involve twenty-five Cadets.

Iain has already started to put the plans into action with Ocean View Diving Services at Lancing. Twenty-five Open Water courses should keep them busy for a while and when they have done that Iain is planning a Red Sea trip for the Cadets to do their Advanced Open Water Course. Well done Iain, and thanks for the offer of joining you , I am glad to be of some assistance.


matt w said...

i done all there DSD`s nice bunch of kids.

Anonymous said...

Would have to be a big boat (in the Red Sea)to get 25 cadets on board plus their instructors. Do you know of such a vessel Chris?

Cheers Robbo

Chris-P said...

I think there are still boats that can cater for that number , there used to be ! But if there isn't now it's not uncommon for two liveaboards to run side by side on Red Sea trips. I have been on 'paired' boat trips before. That said with diaries etc , it's quite likely that not all would be available to travel at the same time. So no real problems for the Cadets.

Chris-P said...

Robbo, isn't the www a wonder, you are the otherside of the world but in communications it's like you are just down the road!