09 May 2010

Wreck Dive ~ Blanefield (Early Morning) ~ 9th May

It's 4 am and I have just got up from a perfectly warm bed to find a a dark grey overcast sky stiff North-Easter and I am questioning my sanity in that I am heading down to Newhaven to join the TWSAC RIB for a jaunt out to the wreck of the Blanefield due to leave at 7am. Jools had reported that there had been great vis on the Braunton and Ashford earlier in the week so hopes were high that it had been worth the early start this morning.

Arriving at Newhaven its deserted apart from Rob and Jools preparing the RIB and their kit,
kit loaded we head out of the harbour for the very bumpy and cold ride out to the wreck site.

With the wreck located Rob and myself kitted up and down the line to the wreck in crystal clear water around 15m vis but the overcast skies and the early hour meant that the water was a little dark though you could get away with out a torch.

We tied off just below the bow and set off to explore . Massive shoals of bib & pollack parted like a living curtain as we meandered across the wreck. I hadn't seen the bow of the Blanefield on a previous dive but it stands at least 6m up from the sea bed and looked very pretty covered in Deadmans fingers in the eerie green light.

We allowed ourselves 7 minutes of deco before deploying an SMB and headed back up to the surface. My sedentary winter soon became obvious when I tried to climb back onto the rib and struggled miserably some serious gym time is needed Mr T. Jools then popped in for his dive whilst Rob and I got stuck into his leek and potato soup , thanks Jools.

So was it worth the early start and the biting cold on the RIB ride out ? Oh yes it certainly was, and even though I am looking forward to the Malta trip in a few days time my biggest enthusiasm for diving still belongs with the channel wrecks and todays dive was no exception.

Thanks to Rob and Jools for the invite and the company.

Dive stats:
Depth 31.5m
Time 35 minutes
Gas air
Water temp 9.c
Vis 15m



Chris-P said...

Glad you had a good one! You deserved it for getting up at 4am ....that IS dedication!

Tad said...

madness more like

Jimbob said...

Sounds like a fantastic dive, worth the early up. We had some incredible viz off Eastbourne too.

Tad said...

Where did you dive jumbo?

Jimbob said...

Sorry Tad, We were diving the Clara and the two gun armed trawler off Eastbourne. Better viz than the Farnes.

Tad said...

sorry Jim just shows how much I need to wear my glasses.