20 May 2010

Diving Malta with MD ~ The Dives

I am sure we are going to see a lot of posts on the Malta Dive Trip (12th to 19th May 2010) which was a great week with plenty of good diving (despite the Med's attempt to blow Malta away) and good company. So this post is just the tip of the iceberg and just sets the scene!

The nine strong MD Team (with two non-divers) :-
Sheila & Ernie
Tad & Nicki
Simon & Linda
Chris & Sue

The MD Dining Team (Photo by Ernie)

The Deep Blue Dive Centre Crew:-
Johnathon & John (Owners)
Sid & Neill (Instructor/Guides)
Bruce (Dive Centre Hound)

Sid points in the general direction of the Um El Faroud wreck!

Neill pretends to enjoy Tad's animated singing

The Dives (and illustrative details):
1). The wreck of the ROZI, Max depth 36.3m , 43 Minutes
2). Cirkewwa Reef & swim-throughs , Max depth 20.1m, 53 minutes
3). The 'Two Tugs' Wrecks , Max depth 21.6m, 50 minutes
4). The wreck of the Barge @ Valleta, Max depth 22.6m, 56 minutes
5). Reef near Um El Faroud , Max depoth 28.7m ,35 minutes
6). Wreck of HMS Maori, Max depth 14.3m, 59 minutes
7). Wreck of Um El Faroud , Max depth 26.8m, 42 minutes
8). Reef near Um El Faroud ( Stern & single deck penetration) Max depth 29m, 39 minutes
9). Wreck of Um El Faroud (Three Deck Penetration) , Max depth 30.2m, 44 minutes
10). Wreck of Um El Faroud (Bow) , Max depth 26.2m, 46 minutes


Tad said...

My ears are paying for it now but I really had a great time Thanks to Sheila and Ernie for the organising,as perfect as ever. Thanks to everyone else for being such a laugh and great company, MC SuPe will be forever ingrained in my mind.Thanks to the guys and Deep Blue Diving for trying their best to overcome the wind problem regards to missing Sid.
Great stuff MD Guys lets do it again when I get the cash

Simon-T said...

Top trip, many thanks to all of you MDers for making the dive holiday containing my 200th dive so happy and memorable. I haven't yet had the nerve to check the final night's photos on my camera!

Chris-P said...

Here , Here! Perhaps we can lose those shots ....pretty please?