23 May 2010

Meridian Divers Malta May 2010 1st Day Dives.mpg


Chris-P said...

Captivating stuff Tad! Really enjoyed watching that! Now can't wait for Part Two!

Your wide angle lens captures the scene far better than my 'toy' video!

I was beginning to think no-one else had any shots of the trip!

Tad said...

working on part two
a bit disapointed with some of the stuff bubbles on the lens meant that the camera focused on the bubbles in some shots but got enough to put clips together.
Did you video the carlita in Valetta harbour as I didnt take the camera in on that dive

Simon-T said...

Great stuff Tad. I'm sitting here in my converted cow shed of an office watching this. It already seems such a long time ago.

sheilab said...

Nice one again Tad. As always well done. Looking forward to the next episode. (Just like Saturday morning pictures)
Ernie & Sheila

Jimbob said...

Looks like an excellent trip. Great video and pictures. Hope to hear all about it in person sometime.