26 May 2010

More Malta Images

Just a few photos from our Malta Trip.

OOOHH !! I do like a good picture show

HMS Moari

This ones for Trez

El Un Faroud
Hope you enjoy these


Tad said...

great piccies Ernie very impressed.

Chris-P said...

Ernie,very impressed with the colour rendition, that u/w white balance option is major asset (envious!!) Very nice!

Anonymous said...

hey guys,just wanted to say thank you for being so generous,i had a really good week with you all
safe diving,sid-divedeepblue

Chris-P said...

Good to hear from you Sid, you are always in our heart and thoughts, well that's true for one of ournumber in any case!! Good to dive with you Sid. Chris

Anonymous said...

Great pics gives Chris something to think about!!!

sean g said...

Oh that was me sorry did not want it to be anonymous

Chris-P said...

Veryt true! The 'secret' is all about white balance ... either have it as a function in your camera underwater , or do it on PC afterwards. I think I'll be trying some of the 'PC afterwards' techniques ...but I have yet to load and fathom out the software! Or I could go and buy a Lumix camera like Ernie ... they are good , wide angle lens and u/w White Balance . Decisions & decisions. Mind you whilst the technical bit is a great asset , you need to be able to take a shot (Ernie, that was a contived line just so I could say 7-Nil! ) He he ;-)