25 April 2008

SinkOne4Seaford Project ~ Competition

For all you chocolate lovers out there - Sweet Moments, the Belgian chocolate shop located in Broad Street, Seaford are currently running a free competition, in conjunction with the SinkOne4Seaford campaign. The SinkOne4Seaford campaign is ultimately aiming to promote tourism and regeneration for Seaford and Newhaven by sinking a vessel off shore to create an artificial reef which will be a haven for fish and divers in the near future.
For more information on the competition please contact Sweet Moments 01323-873388 www.sweetmomentsuk.co.uk


Tad said...

I hope they sell the new scuba aero bar packed with bubbles which when eaten gives you 5 mins underwater time worth of air in the Jumbo size

Toni said...

sounds like a great excuse to eat more chocolate!