24 April 2008

Muddy Puddle Outing [Vobster] 10th May

Hi all,
There a few divers wanting to try out/set up new kit and, as the weekend weather God's are conspiring against us, I thought we'd play safe and go to Vobster, the date for this is 10th May, the time will be 08.30am as the car park gets full quick. If you don't know the way we'll met before then and drive in convoy [10-4 rubber duck! ] to the site as it isn't sign posted at all!!
Tor more info on site http://www.vobsterquay.co.uk/


Chris-P said...

Hi Matt, I've changed the dates to MAY , I reckon that is waht you meant when you wrote 10/4! :-)

Chris-P said...

Matt, for info, several are doing another muddy puddle (NDAC) a week later

matt said...

well spotted! no worries,just thought i`d let you know we were going