25 April 2008

T.R.T Project ~ Or Tad Really Teases!

Will give a full update on the project Monday evening at the meeting but I had a phonecall this morning from the relative who we are now in contact with after the recent BBC coverage.

He is sending more info on the Thompson and Westoll lines. Amongst this info will be something exciting, which I won't go into now but obviously will share on the next Monday MD meeting.

This information will add to the growing portfolio of the history of the wreck its crew and the owners J Westoll. It will enable us to finally start putting together some kind of booklet, DVD on the wreck and the project.

Exciting times ahead watch this space.


sheilab said...

Sounds exciting. So much hs happened since out last meeting.

Chris-P said...

He's a little tinker , teasing us like this! The TRT had THREE bells , do you think he has he found one of the 'missing' two?