26 April 2008

Sea Zones Dive 5th May ~ T R Thompson Dive

Meet and dive times for Babk Holiday Monday 5th May with Sea Zones

Meet 08:45 , Ropes off 09:30

Dive 1: TR Thompson on the 11:35 HW slack (35m max depth)

Dive 2: Drift dive on way back in (Remember 2nd cycinder if required)
Return to Marina 15:45 approx


1. Ernie
2. Tad
3. Chris P
4. Steve L
5. Andy
6. Jim H

There maybe spaces left. If interested, please now contact Mick at Sea Zones direct




matt said...

can someone check steve`s din fitting BEFORE rope`s off coz it`s a long drive for him to do surface cover!!!!! ha ha sorry steve couldn`t help myself.we`ll dive the mulberry again soon

Steve L said...

Yes, THANK YOU Matt... Think there was some foul play cos of new torch jealousy!!

matt said...

it was never proved!anyway mine may be smaller but it`s what you do with it that count`s,at least i know mine work`s in the water as well as on the rib he he

Steve L said...


Tad said...

looks like there may be a good name and shame story here care to spill the beens matt

Jimbob said...

Hello Tad.
Sorry I didn't get round to sorting my deposit for this before I went on holiday. I've now emailed Mick direct so hopefully I'll be there.