09 April 2008

Lundy Dive Trip ~ 9th & 10th August ~ Places

This post will track the ALLOCATED PLACES on the Lundy Dive Trip. The boat, Obesession II can accommodate 12 divers. Places will be allocated only on receipt of the boat charter fees (as per circulated email) if you want a place send your cheque to me (if you missed the email, let me know and I'll send it to you! Allocated places:-

1. Chris-P
2. Simon-T
3. Trez
4. Debbie
5. Stu
6. Nicky-H
7. Tony-S
8. Ian-S
9. Mike-T
10. Sean-G
11. Gary S
12. Terry
Res. LucyB
Res. Mark M

[Update 2/5: Twelve cheques received ... all places booked! Will take 'Reserve' details for any drop-outs]


Gary S said...

Hi Chris.

I would be interested in the Lundy trip. Hopefully I am not to late. Also if there is still 2 places left Terry from ocean view club is also intersted. If this is ok let me know and i can send you 2 cheques.

Chris-P said...

Hi Gary, there are two (only) places left. I will email you the details. Chris 29/4/08

Gary S said...

Thanks very much chris.

I will pass on the details to Terry, Hopefully there will be no probs and we can send the cheques in the next couple of days.

Gary S said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris-P said...

Gary, Thanks , I have taken down the details but removed it from the blog for privacy reasons! Ta

craighennessy said...

I am comming to England in the first three weeks in august and my and my wife would like to dive Lundy if possible.

Chris-P said...

Craig, you had better check the date of the posting! Lundy is great dive, but getting dive boat places at short notice can be a problem, you should make prompt enquiries at dive charters in the locality. All the best.