03 April 2008

Curry Night with OV Buddies

Hi all,

Matt posted details of a 'Post Marsa Jolly' on 19th April. Everyone in MD is welcome whether or not you were on the Marsa Alam dive trip!

Anyone wishing to go, just add a comment or let me know and I will email Matt.

It will probably be held in the Lancing area.


Chris-P said...

Hmmm now let me think ...er ... yes please!

web215 said...

I'll be there for sure

Steve L said...

I'll be there for sure..

matt said...

hi all
meal booked at ALISHAAN indian restaurant in sompting full details at www.alishaanweb.com booked for 19.30, meet in MARQUIS pub next door for 18.30 onwards any prob`s let me know see you all soon

Chris-P said...

Tracey , Trez, Chris , Sue , Steve L will be joing Matt an the other OVers! Anymore for any more!

matt said...

hi all,
thanks to everyone for coming it was great to see you all!great company,lovely food,few more trips in the pipeline!in know some had a long drive home hope you all got home safe and next time we`ll come over your way?look foeward to seeing/diving with you all soon