22 April 2008

News from Rother Diving Club

The network is working well in linking divers to diving opportunities...Rother Diving Club have sent in a copy of their 'News' from which the following are items:-

a). From 28th April RDC will have access to their training pool. RDC are happy to have MDers use the pool (pools are expensive so a small charge can be reasonable expected). I will get some more info to post in due course.

b). Try dives in the pool are available at £10. Good for introducing new divers!

c). At 8.30pm on April 21st Rother Divers will be at the Bell Hotel and giving a briefing on their boat 'Rother Diver' , MDers who are interested add a comment and we'll organise a link up.

d). Rother Diving offers training , see their website for furher information.

1 comment:

Tad said...

Definately up for a trip over Used to go to the Bell a lot a few years ago.