19 April 2008

Meridian Divers Meeting ~ MONDAY 28th April

The next Meridian Divers meeting has been shifted to Monday 28th April . It will be held at 7.30pm at the Berwick Inn, Berwick (next to the railway staion for our eco-friendly divers seeking to reduce their carbon size twelves!)

This meeting will be a good opportunity for anyone on the booked dives to meet-up and discuss details (arrival times, accomodation, meals-out! etc) and also for Tad to give feedback on the extensive media coverage we have had in relation to our project (see Links on right hand panel of screen). Needless to say there is plenty more already in the pipeline and we fully anticipate another tranche of media interest coming along very soon!

MD is doing its bit to raise the profile of UK diving and an interest in maritime heritage , we are also having a very positive effect on raising the popularity of UK dive sites.The responsibility is awesome - we were going to announce a diving trip to the Sahara Desert on the 1st April but decided not to in case others actually followed our recommendation!

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