07 April 2008

Meridian Divers and BBC at the wreck of SS.T.R.Thompson.

A little tribute to the T.R.T


Chris-P said...

E X C E L L E N T work Tad ! Really impressed with your efforts.

sheilab said...

Well done, again Tad what a great well edited film. Are you looking for a career change? I especially liked the old boy in the blue dry suit !

Jimbob said...

Very good. Still can't get over the viz in Chris' pictures.

Tad said...

Thanks all I might do it again as there were a couple of gaps in the footage that were not there I swear when I edited the clip. Also Uboat pic should have been later on.
Editing is almost as much fun as filming cant wait to get back in the water for some diving and filming, blog will be snowed under with films hopefully not just of the T.R.T but the other stuff we do as well