25 April 2008

MD Secret Diving Society Find Cash on Pier Dive

Report from Simon and Ernie: Nipped out of Brighton Marina on Channel Diver for a skive dive.

First was the Steam Trawler. Pitch black and poor viz, but with the reassurance of cucumber cool Ernie and my new Metalsub torch I managed to stay down for 35 mins.

Second was the Palace Pier, surprisingly good with about 5m of viz, lots of life and 20p. Quite calm when we went down and very choppy when we came back up.

(Bet you held on to your swag though Simon, Tad)


Simon-T said...

Oh haha with the title! I did try to hang on to the 20p (tax free income, woohoo) but it fell out of my glove on to the deck when we got back on board via the mmm electric lift. My hands were too frozen to pick it back up. When we came to off-loading the gear it had gone, doh!

Chris-P said...

Simon, I lost 20p on the Brighton Pier, now worries , just hand it back to me when we next meet. It had the Queens head on one side if that helps prove ownership.