31 July 2008

Plymouth, anyone? ~ October 2008

Hi all,
I`ve found this dive centre in Plymouth and I would like to book a weekend with them, I have spoken to Steve the owner this morning and they have dates for the last weekend in September and the first 2 weekends in October [he`s calling me later to confirm] , the deposit is £20 per diver there will be 7 spaces [3 already taken] the full trip price is £130pp which includes 4 dives and 2 nights b+b in there own guest houses which look really nice .

The dives will be SCYLLA, J.E.LAYNE on Saturday, then 2 more on Sunday. Steve promises to make it a cracking weekend, have a look at their site and if you have an interest let me know.

[Update 17.20pm] Steve has just called to confirm dates and they are as follows 4th/5th October or 25th/26th October (Only) and for Tad non-divers are £25 per night BUT with a max of 6.


Interested divers:-
1). Matt d/paid
2). Sean d/paid
3). George d/paid
4). Steve
5). Tad
6). Chris
8). Tracy2
9). Anna d/paid



Simon-T said...

I would love to do this trip Matt, but I'm afraid Chris and Tad won't let me!

Tad said...

Hi Matt
Me too but will have to let you know asap on the date

Tad said...

whats the score on non divers coming Matt

matt said...

i`ll ask steve tonight,as far as i can read there is 16 spaces in there guest houses

Simon-T said...

Just in case I have caused any confusion. I was only joking; I'm afraid I can't go on this trip, I'll be treking in the Picos mountains in Northern Spain. Put me down for a Cornwall trip next year though. Cheers.

sean g said...

Matt 4/5 sounds good

Tracey said...

Stick me down as interested matt

Tad said...

Hi Matt Trez is interested can you put her down too

matt said...

Is everyone intrested enough to give me a deposit on sunday so i can book it?

Simon-T said...

Me again, If you are going for the weekend of 25-26/10 you can put me down as interested. I'm not around on Sunday though.

Sinkone4seaford said...

Hi Matt,Put me down for a reserve place. Tony

Chris-P said...

Hi Tony , any news on the SinkOne4Seaford Project? Haven't heard too much recently. Sort of 'comparing notes' dive on the Scylla?