03 July 2008

Such is Life

Sometimes being into diving can be the most frustrating sport there is. Take this weekend. After months of planning and organising by Sheila everything was set for a great weekend in Cornwall . The only thing we couldn't plan for was, and I quote from the BBC, "a very unusual low pressure system for this time of the year" plonked right over the Cornish peninsula for the weekend with forecasted winds upto 50mph winds from the South.

Well that has scuppered the weekend's diving then. After clinging to straws all week and praying for good weather it appears that whoever controls the climate in this country just wasn't listening or decided to take the weekend off.

After much speculation Sheila received confirmation from Looe Divers this evening that the diving had been cancelled and after a bit of research and question asking on other dive forums there wasn't even the possibilty of any reasonable shore diving convenient enough to make the trip to Looe worthwhile.

This is the first time we have had to cancel a trip and its no ones fault that the weather is bad. There is nothing stopping us arranging another trip asap and I am sure most of us would still be up for it, but perhaps we need to plan in a contingency for the weather when choosing where we go next.

I am, and I'm sure you are, really disappointed about this weekend but it can't be helped and it's still only July so plenty of time yet for an alternative plan.

I would like to thank Sheila for all her efforts in putting together the weekend and I would like to blame Ernie for upsetting the weather gods.

And NO Nikki I am not going to Bluewater shopping now


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