26 July 2008

Thanks from BBC South East Crew

I have just received this from John Young The BBC News reporter who was on the boat both times reporting on the T.R.T project.

I emailed him to say thank you for the above here is his response.

Tad, I've just got this on my return from a couple of days away.

Your email is precisely the sort of thing that makes this job so rewarding for crews and reporters. I am absolutely delighted that it worked out so well, and that Norman was moved and thrilled, rather than overwhelmed and distressed.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and generosity towards Peter and myself.

I've this afternoon put in the post a DVD of our broadcasts, and the two tapes of your own that you lent us. I have sent a copy of the DVD (with broadcasts from April and July) to Norman.
I wish you the very best in your venture. Keep in touch if there are any other exciting developments!

Best wishes to Steve, Chris, Sara and all the other Meridian Divers


sheilab said...

Looking forward to seeing the DVDs
Sheila & Ernie

Chris-P said...

Nice letter, John & Peter frm the Beeb have been like buddies on this project, it's great to see that they have enjoyed themselves as much as we have.