27 July 2008

Brighton Diver II Dives ~ 29th July & 19th August

[From Simon's Comment]

I've booked a couple of evening dives with Sussex Scuba (where I get my fills from) :

1) Friday 29/7
2) Tuesday 19/8.

They're on Brighton Diver II at 17:30. The people in the shop are a friendly bunch, but I have never dived with them before. There are a few spaces left though if you check out their web-site:-



Simon-T said...

Well Ernie and I did this last night. The sea was very lumpy, but diveable. We jumped in off the electric lift and quickly got down to the sea bed off Hove. Mostly sand with a few rocks. We followed the skippers instructions, "face the tide and turn left", blob up (thanks Ernie) and off we plodded. Not a great deal to see and we both gave eachother the 'this is boring look'. After ten minutes we came across a huge old anchor chain and decided to follow it, a big anchor at the end plus the kingswest wall we were looking for. Tons and tons of sealife in lots of nooks. Many crabs, blue velvet, edibles and spiders, lobsters, one of which was looking for a fight and another sneaking up on Ernie's blind-side as he tried to coax out a big old conger! Just about evry UK reef fish going plus I saw a couple of leopard spotted gobbies, a first for me. The drift ended when we started hitting sand again, but not before we managed to move a large plaice out of his little cubby-hole for a good look. Dive time was just shy of the hour, 14m max and 6-8m viz. The sea was a toasty 20 degrees. One of the best drift dives I have had, a big thanks to Ernie, Sussexscuba, who I believe now read the blog and Brighton Diver II. Looking forward to the next one now.

Chris-P said...

Nice report Simon! We'll have to post a 'Hello' to SussexScuba as the latest Dive Centre to follow this blog!