26 July 2008

Swanage, Menage et Trois!

Leave house at 04.30 [caffine needed!!!!!!] pick up Sean + George for a day diving at Swanage :

After arriving at Swanage, parked on the pier, kitted up, found out it was now a 2 tank dive and got the kit on the boat, a cat called Smoothhound operated by Divers Down. Tt was a 40min steam out to our first dive Aeolian Sky a 10,000 ton Greek freighter. We went down the shot after waiting for the current to stop running and desended to the bottom at 31m, we made some checks and started to tour the wreck its very damaged for such a young wreck [@30yrs old] lots of life on here, vis was 4-6m,really good dive but as it was so big a twin set would be best.

This was a drift dive looking for scallops but as we had a 2.5hr car drive back and it was really hot we left the goody bags on board. This was a cracking dive LOADS of life big edibles, decent lobsters, spiders, scallops and lots of fish, vis6-7m , depth 15m this was my best dive of the day

Swanage pier is a must if you dive here not deep just a really good rumage around loads of fish , too many to list, very nice dive also tug a few fishing lines while you'rethere eh Sean!!!! This was a great day out thanks to George for sorting this one out, Sean for doing what he does best and the weather gods for turning a blind eye!

PS this will be a good weekender, wrecks n drifts ,oh yes!!!!!!!!! Got home 20.15, I'm knackered


Tracey said...

Shame I couldn't go - would've been a great four-some!!!!! (I am talking about the diving here!)

Tad said...

yep stuck at home looking after the brat guess where I would rather have been nice one Matt

sheilab said...

MD members have had two weekends in Swanage, well worth the trip. Lets put this one on the suggestion list for next year, with Looe of course.

Chris-P said...

Nice report Matt! I mowed the lawn! Can't win 'em all!

sean g said...

Well Matt i think you said it all thanks for driving us down.Must do it as a weekend away.