02 July 2008

T.R.Thompson Dinner Venue ~ Plan B

I spoke to the Golden Galleon at Exceat today, they are unable to pre book spaces at the restuarant even though the meal is on a Tuesday evening, which I find quite unusual as I thought they would have welcomed the business midweek!

Any Ideas on alternatives would be useful as time is moving on.


Excelent suggestion (see comments) from Sheila re the Tudor House at Alfriston , see their web site:-



sheilab said...

Ernie and I have been out on a recce around the pubs and Restaurants. We have looked at several and they are either too small or too expensive. We were in Alfriston looking at menus and prices when we bumped into a friend of ours who was just going into The Tudor House Restaurant where his daughter works. He introduced us to Roger the chef/owner who trained at Claridges under Gordon Ramsey. Roger said that they are not normally open on a Tuesday but would open for us. He is going to work out 2 menus for us, one at £15.00 and one at £20.00. The bonus is that he is happy for us to project the films on a screen.
Their website is www.tudorhouse-restaurant.co.uk
As soon as we have the menus I will email to everyone who is down to go.
Let us know what you think of this idea.

Tad said...

Brilliant stuff What does everyone else think. Where is it?

sheilab said...

Tad I knowit was late when you read the comment, but there is a clue in the text 'where we met our friend'. Yes it is Alfriston (in the high street).

Tad said...

definately do need to wear my glasses more

Chris-P said...

Looks good and sound like an excellent idea! Golden Galleon would be a far less suiatble venue by comparison and they don't seem too bothered either. You might say "quite a contrast"!
I've added the web address to the original post for ease of linking!