03 July 2008

Selsey Pier ~ Diver Recall Signal

Hi all,
You may or may not be aware of a situation that happened a couple of weeks ago that I think everyone should be made aware of if you are going to dive Selsey Lifeboat Station. On Sat 14th June there was a call for the Lifeboat to attend a situation, this was the 25ton offshore vessel not the inshore RIB, when a sharp-eyed crew member spotted bubbles directly in front of the launch ramp were divers were diving with no SMB so rather than launching the vessel to the emergency [a yacht had run aground no casualties, unknown to the RNLI crew!] they spent 10 minutes trying to alert divers by banging on the Pier until they moved out of the way then lifeboat was deployed to the emergency.

A recall signal has now been agreed with the Lifeboat Station and diving organisations regulary using the site which consists of:- 3 BANGS-GAP-3 BANGS when heard please surface immediately but as safely as possible,and please don`t forget SMBs must be used at all times on the site and obviously don`t dive in front of launch ramp! Safe diving!

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Chris-P said...

Hi Matt, 10/10 for cracking the labels system - best MDer for lables so far !