02 July 2008

Looe Dive Trip ~ Plan B for the Weekend ?

If, and it looks like it will, the weather conspires against us this weekend in Looe can I make a suggestion that if all else fails we ask if dive centre could suggest any sheltered bays suitable for diving when their boats are out of operation?

I know its not the same as wrecks but there is still some good beach or cove diving and thats free ! Would and could still be a bit of a laugh.

I am up for it if there are no other options.



sheilab said...

Ernie & I are up for it. It's better than nothing.

Simon-T said...

Hi Tad, I've put my thoughts (for what they are worth) on the other Looe post. Cheers.

Tad said...

just posted a request for options on a plan B for |Looe on the YD forum so far it looks like there are no real practical alternatives

Chris-P said...

As per the other Looe post! Any news on shore alternatives from the Dive Centre?

sheilab said...

It depends on the wind direction but Talland Bay is a possibility.
Again depending on wind direction ? North Cornwall