03 July 2008

T.R.Thompson Dinner 22nd July

Regarding the earlier post about the T.R.Thompson Dinner on the 22nd July and the original choice of restuarant not able to take bookings, Sheila and Ernie have identified a good alternative in downtown Alfriston see their comment below:

Ernie and I have been out on a recce around the pubs and Restaurants. We have looked at several and they are either too small or too expensive. We were in Alfriston looking at menus and prices when we bumped into a friend of ours who was just going into The Tudor House Restaurant where his daughter works. He introduced us to Roger the chef/owner who trained at Claridges under Gordon Ramsey. Roger said that they are not normally open on a Tuesday but would open for us. He is going to work out 2 menus for us, one at £15.00 and one at £20.00. The bonus is that he is happy for us to project the films on a screen.Their website is www.tudorhouse-restaurant.co.uk

Now I dont know about the rest of you but this sounds like a pretty good offer too me and although the restuarant has no maritime link the owner/chef is a diver himself so taking the bull by the horns lets go ahead and book it as the owner is willing to open especially for us and I am sure having trained under Ramsey we will be entertained by a few expletives coming from the Kitchen during the evening.

Unless I hear other wise I will take it that the original list of participants still stands and remember this evening is open to all regardless of whether you have been involved in the Thompson project or not. So please come along if you can.

Meeting times and menu will be posted shortly

Diver Diners
1. Mr & Mrs Jack (Guest of Honour)
2. Sheila
3, Ernie
4. Chris
5. Sue
6. Nikki
7. Tad
8. Ian B N.A.S
9. Tracey
10. Trez
11. Jim
12. S
13. Steve Johnson and Caroline (Channel Divers)
14. Simon & Linda
15. Stuart & Debbie
16.Matt & Tina
17. Nick Alex Amelia



matt said...

if there`s space can you include myself and Tina please sounds like a reallt intresting night

Tad said...

OK Matt you and Tina are added