23 July 2008

Seaford Beach Dive & BBQ

A while ago MD planned a BBQ and Beach dive at Seaford. PROVISIONAL arrangements were discussed at the TRT Dinner last night and here is the outcome:-

BBQ Date : Sunday 3rd August

BBQ Time: It was agreed to meet at Seaford TWO HOURS before high tide. The afternoon High Tide at Seaford on 3rd August is 1.40pm (BST). This means a rendezvous at 11.4oam .

Location: Exact details will be circulated by email but we will meet on the Marine Parade
(nearer the West end!) where there should be adequate on-street parking.

Basic Plan: Meet, set-up BBQ on adjacent private property, get dive kit sorted, DIVE! Then enjoy the BBQ ! Not too complex!

Food & Drink: This pretty much a standard requirement for most BBQs and we won't change a good plan ! So bring enough for yourselves and for a few others to share! But we don't all want sausages! So please let us know what you plan to bring ....just so we get some variety! You can add a comment or drop an email.

BBQ Grill: Matt (bless him!) is bringing his commercial sized grill (so bring a drink for him or his kids to say thanks!)

Weather: Warm & sunny weather has been booked on-line through the Met Office. Maybe!

Over to you MDers ! Any changes to this plan will be made on this posting.


matt said...

i`ll bring homemade bbq sauce,pastas[veggie+meat]& some kind of fish[see what`s fresh in the fish market]

sheilab said...

Ernie & I will bring some scrummie puddings.

Chris-P said...

Will bring minted lamb & roullade

Tad said...

looks like I will bebringing he homemade burgers then

sean g said...

I bring my homemade chicken tikka