15 July 2008

Recompression Chamber Visit ~ Green Light

Looks likes a GREEN light for this plan , subject to a date to be agreed. I have heard from the Chamber and they are welcoming (as ever).

The Chamber visit , dry dive, & awareness session is expected be £40 but an additional £18 if you want the PADI Specialty Certification . That's very good value. Jane Stevens (PADI IDC Staff Instructor) will take the course, she ran the last course I observed there a while ago.

The expressions of interest list will be maintained on the earlier 'linked' post. We are now into 'Reserves' but that is always handy as we have yet to agree a date.


Steve L said...

Great thanks Chris. Sounds good

Chris-P said...

Been in touch with Jane (The Chamber's Instructor) ready to go when we are! Must now agree dates, the sooner we can agree the better! Will email potential dates to those who have expressed an interest. Steve hope you get this before China (or that you access your email when there!)