03 July 2008

R.I.P Horsea Island

Well as we are getting over the binned weekend in Looe some of you may be thinking to go for a inland site just to get wet, well you won`t be going to Horsea again EVER it seems.

Yes, its finally been closed after much campaigning as of 30/06/08 no civillian entry is permitted, although the the memories of my open water course nil vis,f reezing cold, mask flooding at this site seemed like hell on earth at the time I think we`ve lost a good training and kit testing site


Tad said...

I agree Matt having been to Horsea quite a few times over the last few years its a shame that the place is now closing to Jo public.
The search is now on for an alternative and I have been trying for a while to get use of a very good site with nice clear water and depth. I am not at liberty to divulge its whereabouts as of yet but there is still some persuading to do with its present owners who havent said yes but also havent said no

Chris-P said...

I am considering starting a new blog called "Places We Won't Be Diving" right now I think it might get a lot of posting! A LOT of dive schools will now need to find another training venue. Some may find themselves having to travel long distances or use less-than-ideal sites or both. PADI may find themselves busy checking that sites meet standards.

matt said...

forgot to add the s.e.t.t tank is still operational.