22 July 2008

TRT BBQ for Norman & Mary Jack

L to R : Tad, Sue, Trez, Tracey, Nikki, Ernie, Shiela, Mary, Norman

Meridian Divers were delighted to meet Norman & Mary Jack , relatives of the youngest member of the T R Thompson crew to loose his life when the ship was sunk on 29th March 1918. Mr & Mrs Jack joined MDers for a BBQ courtesy of Sheila & Ernie on a splendid July evening.

It was a lively evening of chatter as we all exchanged so many stories and were entertained by Norman Jacks stories of his time as a Chief Electrician in the Merchant Navy. Norman has certainly seen much of the world and, his family, with salt water running through their veins, is sadly no stranger to tragedy at sea.

The evening was an excellent way to prepare for todays (22nd July) dive on the T R Thompson aboard Channel Diver departing Brighton at midday. We anticipate being joined by BBC South East who are following-up on their previous coverage of the Meridian Divers T R Thompson project. It was entirelyt due to the BBC's coverage that we have been able to contact Mr & Mrs Jack.

There will no doubt be a series of postings following todays dive and the TRT Dinner being held at Alfriston this evening which is also being attended by the Nautical Archaeology Society. So wtach this space ...oh ...and of course the BBC South East News this evening!


Tracey said...

First class bbq - many thanks Sheila, Ernie & Poppy for your hospitatility and culinary delights!!

Tad said...

will join you in that tracey. Thanks Sheila and Ernie for all your efforts the food was scrummy and the following day the brekkie was yummy too. Thanks for letting us stay at your lovely home.Big kiss to poppy.